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Not him but just compare the textures in HOTD2 and Crazy Taxi to their superior original arcade versions, for example. And that's just graphcis. A lot of games have downgraded audio or slowdown issues.
I know it sucks to try and make a point and instantly get BTFO in response, but try to do some basic research before posting and it will probably save you some embarrassment in the future.
>Very few games out there are truly arcade perfect
That's completely wrong. In fact, lots of games out there are arcade perfect. Just not on Dreamcast.
>most Naomi to DC conversions are
No they aren't you stupid clueless faggot. You don't know anything about what you're trying to talk about. Stop posting

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>His reasoning for a port being worse is because the textures are slightly worse
They're not slightly worse, they're much worse.
> And because of this, the ports are so inferior, they don't bear mentioning as worthwhile parts of the Dreamcast's library
Correct, inferior ports aren't worthwhile.
>If there was a great disparity in content between the versions
There is a great disparity, one looks much better.

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