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>Resellers get them from somewhere right?
From what I've seen most get them from auctions of things like storage sheds and condemned property. Which is not a cheap way to hunt for stuff. That said there is not much to try to get. I'm >>5058419
and I can't think of anything left to get that I don't have. I just really dislike there is that idiot that needs super rare cred shit X to the point they overspend and ruin it for everyone else.

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>it's haughty to speak the truth

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At one point you have a small group of full blown tards that just take shit way to seriously and worship their system gods. When their stupidity gets enough (You)s other idiots just shitpost the opinion without any thought because 4chan is the closest they get to real interactions with people outside family, so they will ram a dildo up their ass while shitting as long as it get a reaction out of us.

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