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Metal is pretty terrible, but there's still good maps left after that. Just noclip to the exit and play the next maps.

And yeah, Final Doom is stupidly intense on Nightmare, as it should be. Exactly one person ever has done a single segment Nightmare speedrun of Plutonia:

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well known games with more niche modding communities include Quake and Thief 1/2, those are still kicking and Quake is seeing a bit of a resurgence

Morrowind is also seeing a bit of a resurgence of modding since more modern bethesda games have strong modding communities too, they even made multiplayer with OpenMW, go fucking figure
the Daggerfall Unity remake is almost done and it already has mods for that too, would not be surprised if they make that shit online too at some point

The Panzer General games have lots of fan made scenarios, as well as winSPWW2 for Steel Panthers
but more obscure games? not so sure really
there was this racing game that keeps getting tracks, I think it was POD Gold

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having completed AV recently I'm just fucking...terrified when I think of playing that shit with HD

I mean one of the maps starts you right in the middle of a slaughtermap murder room, I can only see you getting away from that unscathed if you instantly use the blursphere, and thats counting you didnt chug any blue potions beforehand

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some of the art on freedom gives me that vibe you know
the same vibe Hedon gives you before you realize there is official porn of it

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so is there a way to tell if a revenant is about to fire a dumb rocket or a homing one?

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Pls respond, what am I doing wrong
Is BoA confirmed borked or what?

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ITT: Things you hate when you notice them in Doom/Quake maps

I'll start

>Obscure as fuck secrets that would be impossible to find unless you already know where to look (+bonus points if the secret doesn't even have an interact line shown in the automap, so you'd have to press USE on every wall of the map just to find it)
>A fuckton of revenants out of fucking nowhere
>Monster placement / visual cues don't actually lead you where you need to go, so you end up navigating an empty map for 20 minutes just guessing where the fuck the mapmaker wanted you to go

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How did you guys get introduced to Doom? For me it was my Dad who had it on his computer around 1994. We'd make a game of it how far we could get before being slaughtered. We did it so often he figured that we could give Doom II a try and we got our asses kicked the first time around.

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Brutal DooM

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What are some good mapsets to play with GMOTA? Im playing through it with speed of doom and its going pretty well.

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That sounds pretty neat man

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Oh shit are you from NZ too?

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Are there any map packs that is similar to hellground?

I absolutely love playing through surreal maps.

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I love it.

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Awesome! If anyone has any last minute thing they want to add or has any bugs they would like to report please say now, because I'm planning on dropping this bad boy off to idgames sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Here's the link to the version with all the fixes RjY has made:

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Look at all these Dooms in this Doom closet.

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It's finally uploaded!
May I present, the Doom Quickstart Archive!

What's included:
>Every official Doom map ever released!
>Dozens of gameplay mods and visual enhancements
>Single player and multiplayer megawads
>Total Conversions
>Joke wads and mods

Made to be the companion to the "So You Want To Play Some Doom" guide, so every map and mod mentioned in it (and more) can be found in the Quickstart Archive.

If there's any WADs or MODs you want to see in the Quickstart Archive, feel free to reply.
I'm also open to any critiques of how the Quickstart Archive is organized, I want this to be as polished as possible.

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its alluded to in a couple of works, though details are contradictory.

The gist is that the Black Goat of the woods, if it is not a separate but related thing, is a form that she takes and can be male or female.

I just remember it being mentioned in a couple of his works, wikipedia says its brought up in "The Thing on the Doorstep"

Its not without precedent, Nyarlathotep is mentioned to have similar shenagians, and a similar title of "father of a million favored ones" because he has to be the best

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