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Alright time is up I guess. For the 300 Minutes of /vr/ thing, map name Bay 54, author name Red. I hope it works and isn't too shit.


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So do I need to get something specific that isn't mentioned there? If so what should I get exactly?

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fuck it, I give up on fucking SLADE. There's just no fucking plausible way to get it work on my PC again for some fucking reason. Not completely deleting it from the registry, not by killing any processes created by any other program running in the background in the task manager, not uninstalling and reinstalling it, nothing does it.

That's it, I give up on this shit. If it wants me to be the //only// person in the world to not be able to change the gun sounds in Accessories To Murder just because it has developed a fucking grudge towards me somehow, so be it.

Is there any other program out there that basically does the same thing SLADE does? Please don't say XWE because I will fucking piss straight into my eyeballs.

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