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What is the best setup to play emulators in VR on your phone? I've heard cardboard + pic related but i would like to hear from you guys

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Why is the input in this program so shit? Default hotkeys are mapped to the same keys as emulator hotkeys and it's impossible to remap them for an individual core.

Have any of the developers ever used their own piece of shit software?

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ITT: We bathe in the everlasting glory of Retroarch.

Retroarch is love. Retroarch is life. Retroarch has less input lag than original hardware.

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So, RetroArch has been around for a few years, and it's progressed significantly since 1.0 back in ~2013. It seems like there's always a couple of dedicated shitposters on /vr/ calling it terrible in every thread, but is there really a better option for comfy emulation nowadays? The interface is easy to use and you can pick a few different ones, display and scaling options beat the shit out of standalone emus, making configs for specific games is a no-brainer etc. And on my system, the performance is almost always superior to standalones. It just werks.

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