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(which by the way, also had texture warping)

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Quake (for the port enthusiast)

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why do saturn games warp like this?

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why does this distortion happen in saturn games?

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his post is of the xbox live arcade remake, nintenfriend. compare quake on the n64 to the saturn version

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>and I'm not >>4488421
why are you responding for other people?
>Your pic is only relevant at extremely low polygons
so exactly the conditions on the saturn?
all caps gives away your underage kid. what, did you want me to talk about the saturn vertices? when one or more of them are off screen, the polygon distorts like in pic related. to get triangles, simply overlap two vertices like in >>4488428


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what is the name of this kind of warping then?

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I was about to make a thread for the new webms I made but this thread is more than adequate for what I had in mind. Objectively the Playstation is miles ahead of the Saturn (which I hate admitting since I really don't like it all that much); superior hardware, infinitely more third party support, and a company behind it that wasn't insane. The Saturn, which I believe could have hit around GameCube level sales had it been managed competently, was pretty bad at 3D despite what SOME people claim (http://www.shinforce.com/saturn/information/3D-Capabilities.htm)

It also couldn't do transparencies easily leading to the much maligned meshes that were shoved down everyone's throat. Personally, I think they're a charming little quirk but apparently people have a real problem with them. If you ask me, the REAL obtrusive hardware "quirk" is the quad distortion. While the Playstation had tons of affine warping (which is nauseating in its own right), Saturn's warping isn't much better and due to the nature of its polygon rendering is impossible to remedy even in emulators. What's especially confusing is that people claim that the Saturn warps LESS than the Playstation which in my experience is total BS.

I guess what it comes down to is the games, and both have a lot. My problem with the Playstation's library is that 90% of its critically acclaimed games are better played on other platforms, like the entire Tomb Raider series (which ironically began development on the Saturn), Resident Evil(s), Soul Reaver, etc. That said, I think the Playstation DOES have Silent Hill to itself, and it has the definitive version of SOTN (the Saturn version is a long story). If you're a fan of RPGs then I'm sure you'll enjoy the console although I personally don't have that much experience with it.

The Saturn is a very mixed bag. If you like 90s arcade games, then this is without a doubt the console to chose, both 2D and 3D. It has tons of exclusives that remained chained to it...

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