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These remind me of the Autism Generals on /vp/

Good times

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Welp, figured it out. The freedoom.wad that was listed on some servers on Doomseeker is the 'doom2.wad' Freedom provides, only renamed

>Boot it up
>See the hunchback player sprite walking and some of the enemy designs

I do dig the status face and weapon designs though but damn isn't there some inconsistency with the level design, especially on the Ultra-Violence equivalent difficulty

Yeah, it's neat, but like OpenArena (an open-source Quake 3 equivalent with the weirdest character roster in an FPS), you can easily tell they were desperate for practically any asset that's suitable, be it sprites or maps.

Though, I wonder what the game would be like if it had today's Doomers in charge of making sprites and levels for it. But given how Steam is the most popular choice for digital distribution and that piracy is rampant, it's a game that is sadly almost obsolete because everyone would rather play proper Doom for good reasons.

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