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>What did you expect from Reddit?
Nothing but considering the amount of content Doom has to offer I expected some interest in modding and mappings, or hell some cool artworks as well.
I got garbage memes and a bunch of contrarians.

>Why is that even a fucking thing?
That's pretty much what happens with most Twitter communities, they're toxic and obsessive over their hobby, it's Tumblr 2.0
Which is funny because Tumblr Doom was chill and comfy, but on Twitter became "corrupted"
General Retro Fps Twitter is neat, some memes are funny.
But yeah there's a legitimate disinterest on community projects and such, I see stale memes that die in a week or fanarts that feel like fanfiction bullshit or the same jokes getting more attention on Twitter.
Artists who are seriously talented don't have nearly the amount of followers than the most popular ones in there who are either:monster fetishists or trend whores.
Damn it, even doom_txt ain't the same.

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