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In Wolfenstein RPG, The Cyberdemon was known as The Harbinger, William BJ blown the fuck out of him and then he says that he'll fight his descendants (apparently Doomguy).

Pic (for ants) related, it's the Wolfenstein RPG version, in the future, he is augmented with the sweet UAC tech.

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>the new Cyberdemon is disgusting
The design is really out of place.
It's clear that Hugo Martin got to design him because he looks straight out of Pacific Rim mixed with a MOBA.
However if , and I really mean IF they give some great character and lore to the monsters I might be able to forgive that. I want him to be fun to fight for more than just being a threat.

I would like to know what cybie was like before augmentation, why he was augmented and how he was augmented. Was it a UAC experiment? Did the demons make him as an wonder weapon?

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Have any wad makers ever used the harbinger from wolfenstein rpg?

He would probably have some stats similar or the same as the cyberdemon, but different sprites obviously.

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