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Got my wii classic > USB adapter so i'm ready to rock

Too bad its got the order of buttons set to a weird configuration. Doesn't matter for emulators though. Just woulda been nice for steam oh well.

Also seems to spaz out until I unplug/replug sometimes before I use it

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I recently had the chance to get my hands on NES/SNES and N64 controller again. damn, they didn't age well. all these uncomfy lines and overall imprecise/spongy feel.

really love the classic controller. it feels like a refined modern version

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I don't understand using anything else for emulation when this is pretty much the best controller in the business.

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>Cord coming out of the top

What is this faggotry? This is obviously shopped. I can tell from the pixels

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I recently got Retroarch-Wii, and I absolutely love this. The sticks don't bother me as much as I had thought they would.

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I do OP.

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What controller do you use for emulation? At the moment all I've got is a crappy generic PS2 style controller I bought from GAME, which is fine mostly for PS1 and 2 games and older consoles like NES, but its pretty terrible for consoles with more complicated controller layouts like N64. Whats a good general purpose USB controller?

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>regular classic controller


You can do every console now with this

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