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>>2281915 (me)
found it in the archives.

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Yes. I'm not a very good artist, sorry.


This is in fact the encouraged way to play. Either load up the Doom Metal wad, or put up a playlist with your favorite compilation of Maiden/Sabbath/Priest/Megadeath/whatever, and blast through hordes like a shovel-headed kill machine.

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Sure, here.
inb4 porn

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Well, keep in mind this is all theoretical. The current build is very early in development, so things are guaranteed to change down the line.
Plus, like I said, this is while I'm waiting for the resources for my main projects to come in.

But basic idea is that you have only a few guns, and they only change what your alt-fire is. And they're only designed to be at range, because your speed is dramatically amped up, you have a resistance to all aoe attacks, and you can hit the run button along with a direction to do a dash/dodge in that direction for even more speed.
Primary fire is your trusty sword, and it has two modes--Glorious Nippon Discipline which is DMC-style tap-at-specific-time combos, and Wild Gaijin Flailing which is typical FPS click-to-attack melee.
Names are tentative.

Gameplay revolves primarily around two meters: The Carnage meter and the Soul meter.
The Carnage meter is simple. The more hits you land on enemies in a row, the higher your combos and thus the higher the Carnage meter raises. Sword attacks raise combos, guns simply maintain your current position. As the Carnage meter goes up with each level at certain amounts of combos, your damage and defenses improve. Charge in the fray, land a lot of hits on a lot of enemies in a row, and you'll become an unstoppable juggernaut. Play cowardly and try to take cover, and you'll die quickly.
The Soul meter is also simple. Killing enemies with the sword has a chance to drain their life essence into the blade, allowing the player to use different special attacks (like left, left, slash does a Zelda-style spin attack). Each special attack drains the Soul meter slightly, but all of them are quite powerful and have different additional effects. Like the Carnage meter, the Soul meter also has different levels, and the player is able to spend a level for either fighting-game-style super moves or instant buffs on damage/defense/speed/ghost/etc.

...though, again, this is all just theoretical.

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