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I've uploaded my Spellcross 35 Monster Pack for Realm 667 submission, available here:


Also, I've might've found way to fix the offsets, so you wont have to change the OPENGL settings to use them in future. Once Realm667 work is done, I will upload a new version of the OBLIGE and Spellcross Arena maps available with the latest updates.

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If you want a few more Custom Monsters you could include my Spellcross Monster Pack for OBLIGE :)

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I didn't get any replies last thread, so i like to try again (also news if possible)

Spellcross - Custom Monster pack for OBLIGE V1.00 is now complete


You can either play OBLIGE maps with them mixed in with normal DOOM enemies for a much greater variety pool, or use them on their own. Unlike the past "arena" map, you can now face the monster in a more playable state.

Let me know what you think, any videos would be a great bonus too.

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