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here's an fda no deaths, didn't find any secrets, recorded with glboom+ -cl9.

being stuck with a shotgun & chaingun for most of the map made proceedings rather slow and grind-y for my taste. there aren't really enough non-secret rockets to speed things up. with that kind of ammo austerity, the constant impulse is to save rockets for nasty reveals (like a vile) or walls of meat (those hell knights blocking the spire to the switch. there were lots of tankier monsters around like the trio of mancubii blocking the path to the blue armour that posed no real challenge to the player and weren't engaging to deal with, just a vaguely annoying timesink.

now i've beaten the map and knowing just how many rockets are available in the final arena, i think the optimal way to play is to be as aggressive as possible, avoiding fights and then going back to clean up at the end.

anyway it was an aesthetically pleasing, well put together map. decent texture usage and composition. there's only one visual error i could find and that's the one in the picture.

other bugs/notes:
- the four cacodemons flanking the 3d bridge were trapped and couldn't do anything because the space is too small
- the switch that causes the pinkies to teleport in en masse was very tedious and not well thought out. the main problem is how the trigger is positioned safely on higher ground where they can't get to you at all. because of infinite height monsters, it's hard to get down into the arena by any means other than the stairs and that acts as a natural chokepoint where they can very slowly - and safely - chainsawed to death.
-mancubus id 495/496 can't move because the platform is too small

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