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Thought that'd depend, if they made like a huge deal about like "look at how progressive we are", that'd be pretty bad.

I think a better option would be a screen where you can customize your marine, and this would be used in both single-player and multiplayer. Like I guess select gender, then select from a number of skintones, select a preset head (fuck having to fuck around with like 60 sliders for this shit, just make some decent presets)

>armor with shoulderpads or not, option for visible midriff
>carrying a backpack or a large bandolier with magazines and shotgun shells, maybe both
>helmet or no helmet, maybe a beret or an open-faced helmet, maybe a gasmask or goggles
>perhaps glasses/sunglasses

Maybe 5 to 10 items for each article so you can piecemeal your own marine, then selecting colors and maybe decals on the armor.

Optionally, just have a number of preset characters you can select.

Also, all of this would be done in the options menu, if you don't care about any of this shit, you just click New Game and play the game, it'll use the default muhreen. Also, none of this would effect how the game actually plays, it'd just be flavoring/for multiplayer.

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Did Doomguy teach you nothing?

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>Censors wouldn't allow them a dead person?
Not only was this before the ESRB (not that the game wasn't rated R when it did come around), the game is chock full of dead people, left and right, hanging dead bodies, impaled bodies, bodies nailed to walls.

Furthermore, pic related.

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