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One day I googled Doom bots and learned about MBF and CajunBot. I got ZDoom (which featured CajunBot) and features such as chasecam and crouching, amazed me. The bots were not very good, though. They couldn't even cross nukage pools.
Short later I learned about Doom Legacy, whose bot, although it was the Cajun bot too, felt much better for some reason. It didn't have crouching and the chasecam was a bit wonky, but it was my main source port for a while because of the splitscreen feature, which I used with friends for years. The openGL renderer felt nice, too.
Then I got better connection and migrated to SkullTag.

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Nostalgia overload. I remember seeing these pre-render "in-game" screenshots on geocities Squaresoft fan sites and being so blow away with hype.

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