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it's not though

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How would someone even know what reddit spacing is if he never visited the site?
For someone autistily screeching like a sperglord you sure know alot about it.
Maybe you should spent more time there with your fellow degenerate kin.

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Jesus christ, I was probably around 7 and found the dungeon in under 10 minutes... Autosaves,FAQs and tutorials have made you weak

But serious though, back in the day there was this magic thing called a paper and pen, and you could write up things that were imporant to you and the next time you played it you actually knew where it was. These games weren't meant to be beaten in a day, you payed lots of money for that game and the "how to's" of game design weren't that oversaturated yet that every game is more of a movie than an actual puzzle like it is nowadays. Finishing the game or finding all secrets wasn't automatically something you earned for buying it, you honed your skills until you beaten that part where you always failed only to be stumped a few minutes later and had to restart again. Even if they wanted to, the abilities of the console limits the 'cinematic entertainment value' to a certain degree, so games were solely based on reaction, skill and puzzle.

On another note, it really isn't hard to get to the first dungeon, the game guides you subcontiously.
>start at sword
>left - dead end
>up-left - you get into forest maze - dead end without secret
>maybe find 2nd dungeon - aha there must be a first - is order important?
>left top dead end (blue ring)
>bottom right - shitty jumpy spiders, magically appearing wurms from ground, shooting waterdemons, no hiding space, nothing to burn - fuck this shit the green forest seemed easier
>what is this bridge? Oh shit there it is

The increase in difficulty of the enemies leads you to the easier paths. If you fail to get through the harder enemies you restart at the entry spot, gaining access to the above mentioned possibilities. Else if you actually fought through the harder parts you'll end up with cash, candle and bombs while running in a circle anyway since the left part is blocked off for the most part, or even manage to get dungeon 3. Running a circle shouldn't take more than 15 minutes.

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okay duuuude, probably never held one in rl

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