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>Naturally cute, doesn't need skimpy outfits to seduce. Her battle suit is rather bulky and gear-loaded
>Able to infiltrate Nerv on her own as a pro special agent, at 14
>didn't even want to do it, was forced to
>she still comes out transparent, and even Asuka joins to help her and her friends
>her origin is a /vr/ game
>"Glass girl" stereotype. Battle outfit is the tight Eva suit Asuka and Rei also sport. Now in sexy pink.
>3 movies in and we don't know why is she connected to Eva and Nerv despite having appeared from nowhere
>Became Asuka's Luigi
>her origin is a non-/vr/ product

It's clear who /our girl/ is

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she is, but still doesn't hold a candle to Mana

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Did you play it anon?

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preach, brother
>I tried 64 a year back or so but had no idea what I was doing. I still have no idea how that game is supposed to work. Looked up a guide and it seemed like every level had almost random inputs for different actions. Any advice if I try to give it another try?
Each level has its own gimmick, but the main combat missions, like the first one, have a sort of set mechanic to it, which is similar to the Ultraman game for SNES. That is, you have to build up a power meter by beating the enemy in order to finally unleash a powerful, finishing move. In Eva 64's case, first you need to break through the angel's AT Field, which is done through button mash (it needs a specific timing, alternating between B and one of the C buttons I think) it's not mindless mashing though). Once you break the AT Field, you can start attacking the angel, the more synch ratio you raise, the more consecutive hits you can do to them. Keep hitting them until you can launch them off with a kick. Once the angel is far, you can start running with the Eva, and at a specific time (there's a visual cue) you can input a command (like up with the stick and B or A) and perform a special attack. Do this a couple times to kill the angel.
There's many different special attacks you can perform/unlock, but it depends on how high your synch ratio is.

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The classified information stuff was interesting, but a lot of it wasn't really revealed for the first time there. For example the FAR were mentioned for the first time in the Project Eva dossier/proposal text by Gainax in 1993. They were never mentioned in the series or movies though.
Same with a lot of other stuff from the C.I. that was also mentioned in the Red Cross Book. But I do believe some stuff was kind of clarified on the C.I., plus not many people were aware of the 1993 dossier.
Mana is indeed best girl

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That's why true patricians choose Mana.

it's sad that Mana faded away in popularity, she used to be quite popular back then, now nobody remembers her, and instead they sell merchandise of that literally who girls from the rebuilds.

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