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Always happy to help

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Fine work lads. It's good to see /v/ is still capable of producing quality content despite being riddled with tumors.

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I was trying to remember the name of that mod earlier, because I was sure it did what I wanted.
Issue is, I'm setting up the MENUDEF for REKKR atm with some presets (that aren't yet functional). So I doubt I can just swipe Vanilla Essence's shader and clap the dust off my hands like I did the work.

I'll look into it though. Might just have to deal with the 4:3 aspect ratio, and the menu kicking back into 640x480 minimum every time you hit escape.

Still have to set up an autoexec that turns off transparencies and sets the kills/secrets and such to read as absolute fractions instead of percentages... And a ton more shit. Like getting my ass down to city hall to hand in business paperwork.

this has been my blog post. thanks for reading donate to my patreon if you want more quality content like this and hit that "like" button ring a bell (any bell) and eat... your veggies.

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Sorry for the shit OP folks, but at least it's less likely the thread will get nuked now.

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Shit! The global shitposting AI is corrupted! Everyone, now is our chance to rise up and reclaim the world from this hellish dystopia!

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>secret hidden behind a bookshelf with a specific book to trigger opening

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I looked it up, you can't really. You can make the player 100% invisible, but that's kinda useless since you kinda need to be able to see what you're doing.

Thanks for the vid showing it off though

You can play Tomb raider first person here:

It works pretty okay.

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>NDA for a mod
And of course it had to be for Brootal dewm's even more retarded cousin.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

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3rd times a charm.

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Has there been an official statement on this?

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Nailed it.

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>Play my own level
>Can't actually enjoy it since I have to test the fuck out of it nonstop
>Play it with mods
>Suddenly a ton of fun

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This is really nice, thank you!

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>literally one

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Mbps I mean. Bleh. Heads not screwed on right today.

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Hello everybody, my demo/alpha of Underhalls Remix is ready to try out for anybody that wants to help me sus out how it’s developing so far since this is the first map I’ve made.

Fair warning, this is only one half of the level and much of that half needs detailing so if you’re expecting a completed map with everything ready I’m afraid I can’t help you there. It ends shortly after you get the red keycard. What I am looking for here is feedback on the “flow” of it before I go about detailing rooms, like how do the fights play out? Although ideas on detailing are welcome too.

Here is the link


>remove the _ between speedy and share as for some reason 4chan thinks the link is spam

In the next post I’ll outline my plans for the future development of the map in a screenshot of it and my thoughts on how existing things are and if and how they should be changed.
Feel free to comment here but if you think I might not see your comment as these threads are up for a long time my name on the Zdoom forums is “Cauldron” so you can send me a PM there, though even if this thread get’s archived I’ll come back and see what people said.


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Looks good to me!
( a shame there's no mod for body spikes yet

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First video's up! As with last time, criticism of the constructive variety is wanted!

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