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>PS3 having nogaems was a very well deserved /v/ meme.

and also having no good games.

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Your post reads like a typical sonypony post on /v/ in 2007 defending the PS3.

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Also, the Wii60/PS3 console wars were a thing of legend. SNES/Genesis was baby tier compared to that.


However it all ended abruptly when Nintendo killed the Wii for the Wii U, Microsoft killed the X360 for the Kinect, and Sony... started releasing good games.

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Being the number one selling bluray player does not mean much if bluray players in general are selling like shit.

Anyway, the original argument was that PS3 pushed Bluray like PS2 pushed DVD, and this is false. PS3 sold horrible early on (599 US Dollars, revolutionary new features like real time weapon change, realistic battles based on actual history and here's this giant enemy crab, etc), and only HT movie nuts cared about Bluray.

PS3 only really picked up around the end of the generation, it was dead last for the majority of it.

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