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Halo is 20 years old anon, time to let go of the awkward grudge. Relentless pandering, news articles and a pretentious fanbase has created the modern fps kiddie: the doom babby.

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doom babbies (aka you) come from halo though. pic related probably needs an update at this point. those old faggots that are now a little older are still doom babbies however, make no mistake, and they're still retarded. whats that word you kids use now, "zoomer"? thats the next gen of doom babbies, but it's all the same shit.

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maybe you should read this and reflect on life

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You don't even know what a doom babby is lol. Although this needs updating, "born mid-90s" is probably too early now, you absolute shithead.

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>Doom babbies

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stop polluting the board doom bab

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>doom babbies

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>doom babbies

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>It's where all the "professional consumers" of amateur FPS maps are nowadays.
>"""professional consumers"""
Funniest thing I've read in a while. /vr/ is literally a pretentious memekid shitter, which is exactly what you are. Typical idiotic Doom doom babby mentality on full display here. You're a professional retard at best; don't kid yourself.

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Doom babbies :^)

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>doom babby using Halo analogies
like pottery

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>doom babbies

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Is he right?

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Not him but Doom babbies literally are COD/Halo babbies.

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This. Doom is literally a meme. Before /vr/ was made it was hardly talked about on 4chan. (That's not to say it was bad, it was just "duh". Everybody had played Doom and it wasn't a big deal. It was a fucking no-brainer that Doom existed and it had been played back then -- not it's apparently a badge of honour and 5 star credential.) Since /vr/ was created and the Doom general was established all the Halo kiddies caught wind of it and here we are. I guarantee you that if /vr/ was never made these faggots would not even be here "discussing" retro FPS. Fuck knows where they'd be, probably circle jerking over some weeb shit or mid 2000s FPS's instead.

99% of the kiddies in the general aren't even good at FPS, at all, hence this retard's posts regarding Duke gameplay mechanics that he's too brain dead to handle. All they do is make shitty ass mods that nobody cares about, or try out other shitty mods while running through brain dead Doom 1 over and over again. Their fascination with their shitty creations is not unlike a child being thrilled by his retarded lego spaceship. "Pew pew!" you fucking faggot. Doom babbies are fucking AIDS.

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Doombabby universe :^)

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I wouldn't be too sure about that. /vr/ is packed to the brim with doom babbies. It's a really awful FPS 'community' desu.

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yeah by a minority, just like duke 3d or shadow warrior. doesn't mean that poster isn't a bab or that the game is bad. actually that poster is a quintessential caricature of a bab.

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yeah really wish I had my upboat button right about now xD

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Daily reminder that every single one of you is a gigantic pile of herpes infested AIDS.

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Doom babbies use modern source ports. dosbox is way too much for the average doom bab, apparently to the extent that they'd rather play a piece of shit janky abomination with ass for gameplay and everything else instead of the real game.

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Eternal reminder. Avoid the babby general like herpes. Never take the meme consensuses of this board seriously as they're fucking shit.

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