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Crash looks good because they restricted gameplay so much that they could render a lot of polygons in a smaller area. This is why the majority of the game is a hallway.

Also your screenshot is from an emulator. It doesn't look nearly that crisp on an actual PS1. It doesn't even look that good, honestly. Pic related is Banjo Tooie (also on an emulator.)

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emulated, but with original textures

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>posting about hardware you don't understand
Pic related. Original ROM textures, just the game itself has been rendered in a higher resolution. Texture cache was only a problem for bad developers.

>but I'll never understand why they didn't provide an option to disable it
There always was an option. Developers just didn't want to use it because in 95% of cases it would be a step backwards.

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>Let me guess, the swamp ground texture?
Nah, the blue sky wall painting in Gruntilda's Lair just outside the entry to Treasure Trove Cove. It's kinda hard to find, but it's there.

Tooie does look pretty damn good. Original textures in this image, just resolution upscaled.

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I'm an N64 kiddie but I respect that the Spyro developers understood the system's limitations by trying to make the low-poly look really stylized rather than trying to force something more realistic that would run slower.

Tooie was ambitious as hell and a fairly reasonable technical achievement, but boy did it slow down a lot. Rare were trying to force PC-esque graphics from an old console that simply couldn't do it. It's like asking a middle aged runner to try to sprint against a young athlete.

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