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>tfw meet up with an old friend from highschool a few years later
>he works at a donation center so he just swipes retro consoles/games, and vinyl
>we go over to his house and drink and sing and play retro all night


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it is the only game I have beat without dying. now and then I'll turn it on just to see if I can speed run it. typically get killed at 8-2 or 8-3

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It's a stylized dash for long vowel sounds (トレジャーストライク

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I haven't played many beat 'em ups but I've always loved RoDD.

I'm glad people like him exist tbh. Makes this place so much better. At least some of us are still passionate nerds keeping /vr/ in check. Go back to reddit fag.

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that's it guys

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That sounds like a fun movie

Torrenting it now. I'll happily buy a DVD when the DVD gets released but fuck paying for 24-hour online streaming rights.

The comments section on the official announcement video on YouTube is pretty hilarious to skim through. People getting butthurt that he won't give his movie away for free. I mean, I'm a cheap-as-shit fuck as well, but I'm not one of the idiots complaining.

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>mfw i do too

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>>Dogs puke diarrhea up my dick.
>Cowa-fucking DOGSHIT!
vr you make me smile

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>dat stewart copeland video

thank you for this, I'm musician and it is really interesting

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>yfw official announcement reveals Squeenix has at last approved the long awaited FF7 remake
>to be handed over to the development crew at Sonic Team who they have hired due to their experience and expertise at this sort of thing

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thank you OP! remember playing this when I was little and I can't find the cd anymore, I wonder how come this is not on GOG or stuff...

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Well what I'm saying is they could have talked about it, could have discussed it, could have made compromises

The reason nintendo's painted in a bad light is that instead of doing any of this they went behind sony's back and struck a deal with phillips even though Sony had already done a lot of r&d and work

for all you know sony was just haggling

Nintendo was the bad guy indeed, even though sony's not completely innocent.

If you partner up with me to use my engineering knowledge to design you a product and I put in my time and work I hope you don't back out at the last minute over a few details instead of working them out and go behind my back and hire somebody else even though we're almost done. I'd be royally fucking pissed.

And with good reason, that was a major dick move.

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