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This is my personal favorite out of any of the GB family. It's the best 2D stealth game and the best Metal Gear game outside of MGS1-3.

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I've never seen anyone mention Metal Gear Solid, I think this one's a good time

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April 24, 2000

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I thought this was going to be just like the NES Metal Gear, but it looks far better in motion. Can you think of any other games like that?

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Some of the games were actually good, not "just ports".

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Probably Ghost Babel.
I have Musya on the SNES too, though, but I'm not sure how rare it is. I actually kind of like it, side scrolling Japanese culture horror.

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Not really sure if this counts as retro? Might be borderline since it came out in 2000? But yeah definitely this one.

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itt: games you wish got more love

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I've played all of these games except for 4 so far, buy I don't think anyone has brought this up yet. Is it good?

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Hi, I'm the most criminally overlooked MG game.

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Nope, pic related is followed by POOPs and both of the Ac!d games.

The NES games are rated properly.

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Awesome, impressive game but...

>Stealth killings (humans and animals)
>Talk of serial killings
>Plenty of dying and implied blood in cut sequences
>References to alcohol usage
>Constant threats of Nuclear Annihilation

Rated E for everyone.
At least Nintendo made them change the cigarets to a "Fogger" unit that none the less looks like a cigaret and emits smoke from Snake's mouth like a cigaret.

ITT: Games that either slipped by the censors or got unfair ratings.

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