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>tfw never played quake or even wanted to
Am I missing out or I'm fine with DOOM?

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I want to date, marry, impregnate, and raise a happy half-imp family with that demon.

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Oh thank god I was typing out a new OP as this was posted. That's a load off my mind.

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People are going to play DRLA on the latest GZDoom builds. Will it break?

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on map 14 now

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>trying to imagine the absolute shit eating grin that doomguy gets on his face when he picks this up

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>first real experience with Doom was with Doom 64
>played it with cheats because it scared the shit out of me as a kid
>years later picked up Doom for PC
>pretty much never played it unless with a weapon mod a friend made for me that gave me baratus's fists
>took me years to fully appreciate Doom's vanilla weaponry
>still get spooked when I back up into a spectre that bites my ass out of nowhere
>I have brutal doom to thank for getting me back into Doom again after a few years after the baratus fist phase, I quickly grew out of it and started playing shit like Zharkov and Project MSX, haven't looked back since then

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>Mfw playing Romero's e1m4b and e1m8b
>Mfw nervously walking around with 1-10hp, hoping to find more health pickups soon and managing not to die, for like ten minutes
>Mfw lift to the Baron room lowers and I freak out and dash backwards cause I had 3hp
>Tfw found two stimpacks and a soul sphere secret hidden away
That map was incredibly stressful, between the tight ammo and HP, but it was very fun and well done. Can we just pay Romero to recreate all of Inferno? I'd love to see his take on more intense hell levels.

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>that shotgun

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Finally finished the left wing of DUMP 2. Only 37 maps to go.

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I said it before but that glove is looking so good.
Projectile could stand to be moved left so it's more centred on the crosshair though

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>Calculating Doom's weapon DPS to help with making a mod
>Rocket launcher has about 145% the DPS of the plasma gun

I knew Doom's RL was strong, but damn..

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