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Oh my God.
That really is the answer.

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>have a scarce collection of games while growing up
>get bored of newer games during 6th and 7th gen systems
>start collecting games for those older systems you still had
>end up getting nearly complete collections of games for NES and SNES and buying up systems like MegaDrive and N64 you didn't have as a kid
>get bored of collecting games, buy flash carts for your systems and start sell off your games
>I still have 90% of games I used to have playable on the actual hardware, finally have room things other than video games (this feels very liberating) and acquired shitloads of money while selling my games

I have no regrets of selling my stuff but for some reason I'm also happy I went through the collectorfag phase. I guess what I want to say is that I basically have completed the cycle and understand both sides of the argument of whether or not having ridiculous video game collection is worth it.

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so anon, how are you and your guild doing with naxxramas?

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From my pre-teen years to the early twenties I absolutely loved exploration in video games. JRPGs were my favorite games from the start. Later I added roguelikes and to a lesser extent WRPGs and sandbox games to the favorite game genre list.

Fast forward to 2015 and I have lost that sense of wonder from exploration in video games. However, I am not sure if it is all me growing "old" or if it is also that I have more or less fully explored what novelty JRPGs have to offer. One exception to that is games that break _their own_ rules on purpose, like Yume Nikki, but those are only good in small portions.

Heck, I think today I just know what kinds of experiences you can expect from video games in general. I recognize mechanics, plot elements and graphical styles. It is frustrating because this is a major reason I no longer enjoy games like I used to. I learn the systems faster than ever (thanks, STEM degree!) and only thing that excites me these days is playing against clever human opponents in highly competitive environments. Maybe I should quit video games and try the stock market.

Sorry, OP, I had to get this off my chest.

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Valis got literally whored out. And the art wasn't even that good. Such bullshit.

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OP here

>stage 9

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