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Two-page spread advertisement for Strife.

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It's not perfect, but it's pretty damn cool and ambitious.
Good voice acting, decent story and writing, some VERY nice hand drawn sprites and textures (if you go through some of them frame by frame, they're impressively consistent and clean, no color bleeding or crude hacks, the latter which you can spot in some of Doom's sprites), along with some ok pre-rendered 3D ones making up mechanical enemies and your weapons, speaking of which the arsenal is pretty interesting. Your bread and butter for a lot of the game will be an assault rifle and a mini rocket launcher, the rockets aren't too strong, but you get lots of them and can fire them fast.
Has some decent humor too, and you can tell the devs were big nerds who loved Star-Trek. The world and setting is neat and interesting as hell.

If I'm going to criticize it for something, it's that some parts of the game are way too short, while others are way too long, there's also a sort of stealth system, but it's VERY halfbaked and is barely worth bothering with.
Don't trust Harris, by the way.

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Strife is.

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Here's a remixed set, some of these are really good, like the final boss fight:

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I certainly can ignore advertising. Or rather, dispute it. Take this for example, it depicts an FPS as an adventure game or RPG.

Or just look at duke nukem forever - no connection between the condition of the game and the state shown by the marketing pitch.

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"Trust No One".

Besides, you could tell Harris is a smarmy crook not to be trusted just from how he looked and talked.

If you've already finished Governor Mourel's quest you can talk to Harris, accept his quest, then just shoot him with a poison arrow or stab him to get some fat loot without consequence. Same with Mourel for free gold.

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