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I'll just go back in time before I made that post. Thanks for the tip brah, enjoy this parallel world.

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> Chocobo Racing almost a month late fucking BR mail
> Maken X, Space Channel 5, Code Veronica, Blue Stinger, Slave Zero, D2, Carrier, Chu Chu Rocket
> Driving Emotion Type-S
> Resident Evil 2 (PS1)
Currently on a huge survival horror binge, and buying vidya for my new Dreamcast.

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> getting this paranoid over disc rot
From the normal scratches on OP's picture it's obvious the disc was hardly cared for to begin with. The fucking case holding the CD was also in probably terrible condition (> musty old CD book) stored away in a shithole, AND Sega CD games were shoddily pressed to begin with. There are discs from the 70's still working, and PS1 discs are very fucking high quality, as long as you keep them away from direct sunlight (and preferably away from direct beams of light at all, the top of the cases is transparent), and in a dry place, your collection will either outlive you or go bad long after you've stopped caring.

Enjoy your vidya.

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>I'm hoping I can at least mount a GoPro on my bike. How cool would it be to see video of the bike's point of view and then cut to the camera hat as I roll in?
Yeah sure, but the important footage, the games pickups and stores would still be with the not-so-great camera. And I'm all for the sake of consistency in lieu of clashing quality of footage.
But either way, do what your heart desires.
And yeah, you're probably drawing too much attention to yourself, and I'm not helping it either, sorry about that. But even if you drop the trip people would complain that you were trying to hide yourself to sell some games without people complaining or something, I can already see it.
Polite sage for off-topic.

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Cacowards it is then
Thank you

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