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Unless the consoles play carts, they are utterly worthless.

I absolutely support downloading and emulating the games on your computer at this point, because modern gaming has become a stream of rehash/reboot/remake/retarded nonsense. If you to best help the industry, counter-intuitively, you should not pay for these old games. Otherwise you'll never see anything interesting and new.

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So I got hooked on the Famicom crack rock to add on to my already crippling Genesis addiction. It started off small with me picking up the first four Dragon Quest games, then it got bigger with the Dragon Ball games, and then the classic Nintendo titles and then just anime games and shit I thought was cool ((I don't know the name of half of these games)).

Are there any essential Famicom games to look out for before I get hooked on Japanese Gameboy games?

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>Make post on Craigslist for a lot
>Get messages and calls from obvious resellers
>Friend tells me I could make more if I sold them individually but I'm too lazy to take the ad down
> guy calls me at fucking 3 in the morning
>Insists I sell him the lot for 100 even after I point out I could easily make that with 3 games from the lot
>Tells me It'll take forever to sell and I won't get the prices I'm asking for even though I'm offering at a generous discount price
>Then gives me bull shit prices it would be to sell on Ebay
>Calls me over and over

Craigslist, never again. Why are resellers so shit?

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