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yea remind me when that was ever proven, or when he was even charged. and no that bullshit """documentary""" doesnt count
those dudes made their whole careers off of being dance instructors who "trained under MJ™". hell they even testified in defense of him in the first trial. then some skeevy tabloid-tier ""documentarians"" come along 10yrs after the dudes dead and then suddenly theyre all making millions of dollars and winning awards

even feldman, whos entire adult career has been against that shit said MJ didnt do shit to him
nor any of the other laundry list of child stars that used to play vidya over there
only the poorfag families, and only after the wealth-by-association dried up. no their parents were totally fine letting their 12yos stay overnight in a popstars mansion
dude got raked over by the media overnight because he sang "jew me, sue me" in a song and liked hitler, and thats as simple as it gets

all that aside, and more to the point of the thread, its clear MJ was the most /vr/-pilled of any celebrity ever. its not even a contest. half the pics ITT are obvious promotional shoots. meanwhile MJ wouldnt go on tour unless he knew there would be a cabinet accessible to him at all times, and had one of the dopest home arcades of his day

also (just to round out the 90s schizophrenia a bit):
courtney killed kurt cuz he was turning down multi-million dollar festival gigs on the reg, and she needed MOAR heroin bucks cuz hole was the shittest band of the entire decade

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