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crash 2 was the better of the 3, everything was in the right area, that and secret entryways into the extra warproom, /techniques to get all the box gems (see spaced out)
3 added the extra power up gimmick, which ok some are cool, but others are crap
the plane levels are dire, the relic stuff gets boring quickly , and technically there are only 2 secret levels ( eggipus rex and the lava jet ski level) also, fuck the "area 51?" race

not at all, you likes what you likes
most would disagree because:
the fact it was essentially warped V2 was the kicker in this , the long af loading times for each level, the boss fights were lacking , (unlike 3 which actually had variety)
"oh its crunch again but he has powers of XXXX"
the "sneak" ability was a good idea but shit in practice
essentially its like someone described crash 3 over the phone to someone at konami

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this counts,
>jetpack level in warp room one
that level layiout
'the pit' isn't in that position in the warproom
it should read 'turtle woods'

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