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kek romeme making buyfags his bitch

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>SM64 was the most influential game of all time
>Gets BTFO

>Well still, SM64 paved the way for large, free roaming 3D worlds
>Gets BTFO again

>But still, SM64 was a huge jump in graphics in 3D games for what we'd seen at the time
>Gets BTFO yet again

>Ah, b-but, Mario was definitely the first game with fluid, intricate movement in a 3D space
>BTFO yet again

>B-but, umm.. SM64 was definitely the first true 3D game with polygon graphics and freedom of movement

>B-but still, SM64 still holds the title for first 3D third person game that’s actually a fully formed game and not just an experimental thing. I’d also argue that Mario was the first fairly detailed fully polygonal human(ish) character in a 3D game

You drooling Nintendrone zombies are hilarious. I'm sure if Mario told you to jump off a bridge you'd do it.

Hi, I'm Mario, go jump off a bridge.

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