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>since Doom 95
Christ, you've missed out on quite a lot in all this time, people have been extremely busy.
Some of the most beloved and well known stuff was made in the 2000's, though a lot of great things still get made, Doomworld did their annual Cacowards just over a week ago, giving out awards for what's considered by them to be the best of 2017's releases. Check out the Cacowards over the years for some of the best of the past decades of Doom modding and map making.

If you want to be wowed by what people can do with just basic Boom format, check out Going Down, incredibly creative and detailed. Also challenging, so be gud. It's a mapset that'll consistently make you go "Huh, what the shit?!" and you'll love every second of it.
Also check out Double Impact, Nihilty: Infinite Teeth, and Back To Saturn X

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