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You miss the point and sidestepped my question.
I want to leave the cart in out of convenience, I don't want two to three different cartridges all the time.
And again,
>poor compatibility with 1MB RAM games
is ALSO a myth with the PsuedoSaturn cart. Glitches arose from the Action Replay because it used software to detect which RAM expansion each game needed, while the PsuedoSaturn uses a physical switch on the body of the cartridge.

Back to my original question: Do there exist similar multicarts with a physical switch that combine all three features into one, or is the PsuedoSaturn cart the only one known to do so?

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Hot damn, there's some good news

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>appreciate all fun and interesting video games regardless of platform, price, region, age, or quirks
>can't talk about any system that wasn't popular in usa or japan without starting a transatlantic internet slapfight

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It wasnt a same fag, I posted the second one. >>Getting this fucking pressed in a VR thread.

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I swear the mere mention of brutal doom causes cancer because I can feel it growing.

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>Wad has a very unfun level to slog through
>But the rest afterward is good and you can't believe they shat out a poor map like that

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>I'm throwing a fit by deleting everything and chosing not to post it instead
>Trying to cause drama

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>That one piece of music starts playing
>You know that you're in for a lengthy map

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Would you at least use other screenshots? I keep seeing this one and it's driving me crazy

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You know in hindsight I should probably do something different for the Daibatana's altfire in Combined_Arms, seeing as that one guy has a point: I have a shitload of "spray bouncing projectiles everywhere" already.

The problem is I'll be damned if I can think of anything, anyone have any suggestions? It's a BFG tier weapon so I feel it'd be appropriate to give this thing the ability to wreck faces

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>Projectilekickback doesn't exist in Zandronum





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I'm still gonna worry about it, the worst feeling ever is potentially blocking someone out from playing something due to adding more shit. Can your machine handle demonsteele?

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I have a vivid memory of the neoboards where a guy asked people to rate his user lookup and he had a picture of a dick on his page.

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>have a save from a old rpg
>that female character has a name from one of your childhood love
>your waifu will play that game now and sees the save
>she knows the game and knows that name isn't the character's one

What now

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What faggot?

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