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>Super Mario 64
>Mario Kart 64
>Ocarina of Time & Master Quest
>Majora's Mask
>Banjo and Conker

(Debatably) More obscure must-plays:
>Doom 64, Quake & Quake II
>Duke Nukem 3D
>Perfect Dark
>Shadows of the Empire
>Toy Story 2
>Indiana Jones
>LEGO Racers
>Evangelion (JP only but you only need to know the controls)

Also, OP: Get a flashcart rather than cartridge collecting, it'll save you big bucks and you can load romhacks and emulate NES games too in addition to having literally every N64 game of every region ever. I recommend the ED64+. Goes about $60 on Ebay, worth every penny. Make sure you have an Expansion Pak, most romhacks require it.

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