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well worth the effort...

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>Everything SEGA made felt like an off-brand version of a better Nintendo game. Their games felt cheap and soulless and corporate to me, like Nintendo would release an original game and all they could do was scramble to produce a SEGA™ version of it.
You're going to have to give several examples if you want to make a claim like that.

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>may of

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>It's a Sandy Petersen map

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>doesn't know the difference between a NES and a PS1

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I am using GZDoom on it since the day I bought it off Steam.

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>hating literally the best Street Fighter game

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>you have to pay for this

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>The Jerk Cometh!

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>It's a Jerk round

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>going through Doom 2 for the first time today
>always play on UV, nothing else satisfies
>reach Tricks and Traps

There is no god.

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What do you use for this?

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>onto CDs to use, since they're so hard to come by now.
I guess not living in the states has it's benefits then, you can pick stacks of 200 CD-R pretty much anywhere for about the equivalent of 2 or 3 bucks in south America.

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thanks dude

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level 14 of TNT has the chillest music ever

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Hey /vr/, I compiled a list of about every video game ever.


I have no idea what you guys would do with it. There are a lot of retro games on there, though.

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>/g/ and /jp/ at the moment support webm
>People can even crap out 10 minute videos with this


Just shat this out and trying to get the hang of it. mite b cool for short gameplay videos

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You serious? What kind of a question is that?

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Do you guys know of any good quality documentary about id? I might have seen them all but I'd like to see if there's a great one I've missed.

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>dragging and dropping wads onto zdoom
>not launching the game from shell

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In Hexen and Strife, you don't lose your weapons when you across different maps so I imagine it would work like that


But, that kind of glorifies us a bit

Should we just retool my idea for /k/ for another board, then? I'm now thinking it could be like the first quarter/third of the /b/ level or something.

>Buy a dog for armor

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truly, Doomkartguy is worse than Hitler

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