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I like and play both

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>/pol/ is rarely right but when they are they really are
/pol/ is really only right about one thing, the JQ. But that is so central to every issue that everything else follows.

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does anyone else like to play with the ability to look up and down and all around with the mouse, but without auto aim? it's definitely not the way the game is meant to be played (i guess) but it's kinda cool

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>GZDoom fullscreen is setting the Hz to 75 instead of 120

Why? Is it because my monitor doesn't "officially" support 120 HZ? Is there a way to force GZDoom to output a certain resolution and hz?

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well still you hold up against your shoulder.

in doom, its look like your holding it up against your chest.

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Can someone give me a link to the most recent Samsara Monster Mixer? Has he added Dook enemies and Quake enemies?

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>A planned addition is a specialized ACS menu system that allows selection of any level at any time (with some guidelines below) However, this in turn will require a boatload of coding as well as some special graphics that hopefully a certain someone will do eventually. The demo's episode menu is currently a hack and will certainly be replaced. The menu will also show some short information about the current map and will be returned to after each map. The menu will keep track of finished/unfinished levels, total time, and individual times for each level, for a bit of competition and the like. Although this will be tough to pull off, hopefully it'll be pretty cool anyway.

Has anyone ever actually done something like this before? Because this sounds like the greatest fucking thing ever.

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Oh and here's another one.

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I wasn't allowed to play DOOM on the SNES.

I could play the first three Mortal Kombat games, but not DOOM.

Considering my stepfather loved both DOOM and Mortal Kombat, I figured there must have been something super-scary in DOOM. The red cartridge backed up my theory.

I was allowed to play it around 14, and, having never played an FPS at the time, it kicked my ass on the easiest difficulty. Also I got into FPS games a couple years later, I didn't bother with DOOM thinking it to be too hardcore for me, until /vr/ came and I was told the PC version was miles better. Now I play quite a bit of DOOM.

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Thanks man.
I don't even know why I like that song, it sounds you know, retro.

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Forgot to mention, if the title screen music gets on your nerves, open the pk3 file and replace the MAPINFO file with this one:


Alternatively, you can extract the MAPINFO file from the pk3, open it up in notepad, and edit this out:

titlemusic = "titlemus"

Just delete that part and put the file back in the pk3.

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No, that features throwing the chainsaw, not swinging it.

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Post your favorite and least favorite Ultimate Doom maps and why

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What's your opinion of congestion maps?

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First for slaughtermaps are more fun with Russian Overkill

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