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all features in fceum

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The level design of some if not the majority of maps, the switch/door hunting, the final boss, the slightly screwed aiming system which isn't very precise; just to name a few. Regarding this last thing someone could legitimately say that the nearer you are to an enemy, the more it's likely to easily kill him. The problem here however is that for them it doesn't matter if you're near or not, they will always 100% hit you while for you it's not the same, the bullet will most likely go slightly off-course (doesn't matter if projectile or even hitscan because the issue subsist). It's not that easy to spot this matter, but the more you play the more it's likely you'll discover it, whereas something like Blood or Duke it's very predictable with this sort of thing right off the bat, as it should be: enemies spot you even if they're far away, but they have pretty much the same chances to hit you as you do because the weapons and the aiming are tight for both of you. There are probably more minor problems with this game, but on a fair note it's true that you grow so accustomed to the innovative aspects and the overall themes that you at least try to forget this stuff and like it nonetheless just as I did. Still, not exactly the best retro fps anyway...

My vote would go on Quake solely because it's the innovation for excellence, the natural evolution of a masterpiece, the latter being DOOM. And yet I can't do anything if not actually follow my penis instead of my mind: when I cum, my sperm forms the letters "Blood".

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All I have.

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>do you think there will ever be a Mock 3?


Here's my take on it; Mock 3, if it ever happens, has to be a gameplay mod.

Let us remember that Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid was a spiritual sequel to Mockery, which in turn was, as the title remarks, a joke wad making a joke out of the maps that were being released at the time. Even Mock 2 could be considered as such even if Mockery never existed at all (open up the wad in SLADE if you don't believe me)

Back to the point, over the past 5 years we've seen gameplay mod after gameplay mod, some of them are pretty cool, others are somewhat decent and there's a bunch who are just outright crap. Being completely honest, there's quite a lot of material for a gameplay mod-inspired Mock 3, and a map-inspired Mock 3 wouldn't work because, quite frankly, the amount of shit mods have surpassed the number of shit wads we've seen over the last few years

Now, I know what you're thinking right now

>"But a mod like that exists already! EWP! Zharkov! shotguns.wad! etc."

Those don't really compare (and at some degree you know this). Even if they were conceived as joke wads, they don't mock any other gameplay mods out there, they don't have what made Mock 2 stand out above the rest of the joke wads at the time because we as players identified the many references to shitty maps that were included in the WAD. I challenge you to play one of those gameplay mods and think "HA! it's something similar as X", you won't.

I am sure I don't need to explain what kind of stuff it would contain, you guys have played plenty of gameplay mods to know what makes a good one and what doesn't. Once again, 5 years worth of ideas.

>Should there be one?

If the community can handle the banter and mockery of some of their favorite mods, then have at it. I think we're ready for it, and it better be soon because I don't think the community as a whole would be excited for gameplay mods in the future years.

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