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all right just played this. an entertaining 10 minutes. played it twice for the following reason:

bug: it's broken in vanilla compatibility. the blue key fails to lower, so i had to switch to boom compatibility. at least then i was able to finish the map.

there are many distractions that look like pressable objects but do nothing, like all those eyes on the pillars. okay that's my fault for trying to press everything that looks pressable, but, on the other hand, the things you are actually meant to interact with are hard to notice under the clutter. that is bad, obviously.

- i did not spot the switch on the side of the blue diamond thing, only activated it by accident; it looks more like you're meant to stand on the blue diamond to activate something, but doing so does nothing. so i was going around pressing the use key randomly.

- it is also non-obvious that you're meant to just press on the pink wall in front of the red door to lower it, it looks like you're meant to find a way to raise a platform in front and i spent too much time running around looking for a switch after getting the red key.

oh and do try to work on more interconnection between areas to avoid the sense of disjoint separate rooms. i think the way you map is room-at-a-time, you make a new separate area, detail it until there's no more bare space, then create the next area, until done. making a map that is a cohesive whole (as far as that is possible, of course; beyond a certain distance, areas will have little influence on other) is preferable.


vanilla, stops at blue key room

boom, exits successfully

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