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The N64 was trully a beast when it comes to FPS. Pic related is my collection.

Perfect Dark without a doubt was the best, both in single player and multiplayer.

Goldeneye had a great single player campaign but I think the multiplayer is overrated. When Perfect dark or 007 Twine came out most people already forgot the N64 existed.

007 twine has a better multiplayer then Goldeneye. The only think I hate is how you must unlock the customization options by playing through the campaign (and have to save in the controller pak)

Turok 1 had a more consistent campaign then turok 2. The first 3 levels in turok 2 are amazing but then the game goes downhill once you get to the lair of the blind ones. Turok 3 is a poor attempt to copy half life, and turok rage wars was a poor attempt to copy quake arena.

quake 1 is a good port, while quake 2 is a different version from the pc and ps1 version. Not many people know about that.

Doom 64 is the true doom 3. It's one of the best doom ever made.

duke nukem 64 I don't care much about the campaing (the lack of music is stupid) but the multiplayer with a bunch of friends is fun as hell!

Daikatana is so-so. Not as bad as people say. Just mediocre and a bunch of broken promises.

rainbow six is so much fun in coop.

south park is bad... really bad. Probably the worst FPS on the N64.

Hexen is a good port. Really fun to play coop in 4 players.

Armorines had so much potential, but is also mediocre.

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