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>May opens with a shipping route attack
>touch down and it's a trawler mission
>and I don't know what aliens we're facing either
>spot a Tasoth
>ok it's Tasoths and Bio-Drones apparently
>as we're deploying, one soldier spots an Aquatoid on the upper deck
>fucking shit, it's a mixed crew mission
>this...could be interesting

The aliens on the first part weren't too hard to clear except an entrenched Xarquid that was on top of a cargo container in such a location that he couldn't be grenaded. We just had to shoot him instead.

>spot some brown blobby thin...oh god no, it's a Triscene
>toss a grenade up there and he's done

>second part
>my sucktastic troops struggle to hit one lousy Calcinite (strangely there weren't any in the first part and I also didn't see any Aquatoids in the second part)
>by this point, half my squad has either been wounded or are insane and useless from mind control
>the four guys I have left who are tough enough to resist make their way upstairs
>chase around the now-panicking Tasoths
>with their squad leaders dead. we're finally safe from mind control so the weaker half of the team can get back into action
>find a Bio-Drone in a cabin room
>try stun rodding him to no avail
>luckily he's right next to my guy so he tries to use that melee attack they have that has like 2% accuracy
>next turn, stun rod him into slumberland
>and grenade the douchebag
>meanwhile, another soldier heading upstairs finds a Triscene and grenades it
>the last alien left is a Bio-Drone camping in a room with unlimited reaction fire
>I'm obliged to use a rookie soldier as a sacrificial lamb to absorb his reaction shots so the other guys can finish him off

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I did it. I actually did it. I cleaned out a colony and bagged a Lobsterman Navigator/Commander combo all in one marathon sitting. It took something like three hours while an EU base on average takes 25-30 minutes to beat.

Lost four dudes. One guy got killed early in the mission when a mind controlled soldier lost it, another was turned into a zombie by a Tentaculat, the third got shot by a Lobsterman, and the fourth was unconscious from a stun bomb so I just left him there. He was way the fuck on the opposite side of the base from my other guys and I already had my Lobsterman commander, so w/e. I sure wasn't going to spend another 50 turns hunting down the last Lobstermen (I figured at least two were still running around) and trying to revive him with a med pack. I blew the Synonium device up, marched everyone to the entry lift, and got the hell out of there. I also noticed that the vast majority of the aliens seemed to be on the third floor in the vicinity of the command center and I encountered maybe two total on the first and second floors.

I didn't have to actually do all this, incidentally. A Lobsterman infiltration mission was starting up in my backyard and I could have just waited for them to send a Dreadnought and gotten a much easier commander grab. That alien colony had been there for a good three months though and it was starting to bug me. Besides, you get a huge score boost for taking them out.

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>first terror mission of the game
>Floaters, Seoul, South Korea, nighttime
>things get off to a bad start because I'm an idiot and I put a guy with a rocket launcher and a loaded large rocket in front
>he reaction fires an alien and injures himself and the three soldiers around him, including my captain
>we deploy and start getting shot at from three sides at once
>behind us is an apartment building, to the left a shop and a house, and to the right a street
>alien guns down one guy, we throw an HE next to the house, it blows and kills the bugger
>shoot a Reaper around the apartment building
>satisfied that the landing area is clear, we begin moving across the street
>shot out of a warehouse kills a guy
>throw HE to blow a hole in there
>my captain goes down, but she was going to die in a few turns anyway
>meanwhile one wounded rookie is pushing the front into another apartment building and spots a Floater and a Reaper
>the wound she has came from a previous alien shooting her, but she threw an HE over the fence where he ducked behind after firing, so that problem was taken care of
>she kills them from long distance with help from the guys behind her
>another alien comes around the corner of the warehouse and is taken down
>kill some other Reaper near the apartment
>move into the warehouse and fire at a Reaper inside of it
>Jesus, how many of these things are there?

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>dodging kleer lunges
>while also dodgin rev fireballs

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