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Is there any reason to get this if I have a GameCube with a GB Player (plus Swiss and GBI)?

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Thanks to everyone who responded.
Looks like it might not be viable to sell everything I have, but it may be worth flogging certain bits like the GameCube w/ component cables and the extra CRT.

Also it looks like I might be booking a flight to Thailand. I had considered it in the past, but was turned off by some horror stories I read on Whirlpool/etc., but it's a gamble that could save me a lot of money and one I probably need to take.

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I need to sell off most of my retro collection, including my spare PVM, due to healthcare expenses.
I figure I'll build a cheap mini-ITX PC capable of emulating everything up to Wii/PS2, and run everything through a downscaler to my BVM. I know there are special video cards and software you can use for the same purpose, but I'd prefer a more robust solution.

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Would, that I had 4 friends.
Also a Hori Mini alone would cost like half of an Everdrive.

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Any Ausfags know where to go about picking up a broadcast monitor locally, or really anything that supports RGB?
Lucked into a BVM a few years ago but my room-mate spilled water on it and now I need a replacement; however I've no idea where to start looking now, and obvious places like eBay/gumtree are barren.

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