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It's been ported plenty, but I did a lot of my early gaming on a DOS computer. All kinds of fun stuff over the years, but Rogue was my real jam even though I wouldn't ever beat it until many years later.

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My favorite game of the 80's is Rogue. I grew up playing a mix of computer and console games and still do to this day. I just think you're all a bunch of jokers.

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The first for me remains one of the most scary. Opening a scroll in Rogue and hearing maniacal laughter in the distance always got me. I had no clue what it even meant but once it happened I knew my game was probably shot.

I got my copy of this because a guy I knew could never beat that boss. Pretty awesome.

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Please be baiting. Roguelikes and RPGs are similar but different genres. Yes I have played Rogue. A lot. And the genre it spawned is among my favorite in all gaming.

I am not going to exhaustively break down the differences in the genres for you, you can go read about it on your own if you don't already know. But please do so before you try talking about the genre more.

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Not everyone likes the same kinds of games, anon. I think the Mario games are boring.

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>Age trolling

Grow the fuck up /vr/

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>It's not 'bad'. It's just fucking boring and it stagnates the industry.

How is it "fucking boring"?

Personally I don't care if the traditional console goes away or changes so long as we keep getting amazing games and I see no sign of that changing. I know it's hip and cool around here to say modern gaming sucks because we're here to talk about old games, but as much as I loved and still love many of the games of my youth, I think gaming in general just keeps getting better and better.

I should note though I've never been a console exclusive gamer. Always played both PC and consoles a lot so the two blending or merging doesn't bother me at all.

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Pic related. Also many of it's offspring.

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also >>3591062 I've always been into PC as well as console, so my consoles gaining some PC functionality like patching and dlc was always a good step forward in my opinion.

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Never had one of those but our first ever computer game with a stack of copied disks from a family friend with loads of old DOS games. Jumpman, 3Demon, Spyhunter, Qbert, Zaxxon, were all standouts that I played them all to one degree or another. But Rouge.... Rouge was my jam. I would obsess over that game.

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That all makes a lot of sense. For me, I was already into playing regular D&D before the CRPG games really got big and to me and my friends it always looked like a pale imitation. As such, I've played a few over the years but they never really grabbed me.

Rogue and a handful of other games were given to us by a family friend when we got our first computer and that game had me completely obsessed.

I do dig a few JRPGs, but I see them as a very different genre. To me it's more like playing a game to go on a vacation and explore a world.

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Because I love games of all eras and play old ones regularly so this is a great place to talk about them.

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We got our first computer in the early 80s when I was about 1 0 or so. I don't know what it was, my parents just called it an "IBM clone" and some friend of the family gave us a stack of disks with games on them.

I remember Jumpman, 3-Demon, a few I don't remember the names of and then one game that I became totally obsessed with even though I never beat it then.

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So at least a few of us are currently playing Rogue, and there seem to be enough around here regularly to have an ongoing thread about Rogue and it's offspring.

Pretty much any retro roguelike is open for discussion. Hack, Moria, Nethack, Angband, ADoM etc up to ToME. On the console side we have the Mystery Dungeon games like Shiren the Wanderer, Dragon Crysal, Fatal Labyrinth and we might as well include Toejam and Earl, Azure Dreams and similar.

Updates? Fun deaths?

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The DOS version of this is the one I played as a kid! Thanks anon!

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