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Well, that's a hole in the middle of the air, like those others.

>I guess I'm just not that much a fan of mods that focus on insta-death
Bullets hurt more, so you gotta make sure to take cover, using crouching can help a lot if you can get behind something.

>SSG guys
Those should actually be really easy to dummy out.

Open the ZDoom patch in Slade, then go to the NME_CPOS Decorate file, one of the actors should be:

ACTOR ChaingunGuyReplacer : RandomSpawner replaces ChaingunGuy
DropItem "ICDChaingunGuy", 255, 100
DropItem "UziTrooper", 255, 120
DropItem "SSGSergeant", 255, 54
DropItem "M16Zombie", 255, 63
DropItem "ChainsawZombie", 255, 63

Change the line
DropItem "SSGSergeant", 255, 54
//DropItem "SSGSergeant", 255, 54
(commenting it out of the code), and the super shotgunner shouldn't spawn anymore.

Something I did to make the Infantry Rifle more useful was to bump up it's damage:

RIFL A 5 A_FireBullets(0,0,2,(random(3,15) * 4),"ICD_Puff",FBF_USEAMMO|FBF_NORANDOM)

To make reflect more that it's a battle rifle, as opposed the assault rifle.

With the M16 I upped the rate of fire, removing the pause after shots (setting those frames to 0 length), as well as setting one frame each after each individual shot to 0, to make it cycle faster (as opposed to the oddly slow cycle rate it always had).

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