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I'm having an issue with System Shock soundtrack.
I'm using the Enhanced Edition but the soundtrack doesn't sound right,it sounds different from the one uploaded on YT.
Should I reinstall it or looking for a soundfont?

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Anon asked a simple question what's up with these replies?

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>Play Guncaster
>Really good as usual
>Try Guncaster Vindicated
>I like it even better
>Look it up and some people complain that it nerfs Cygnis too much and lost the point of feeling powerful
>You can literally adjust it on the option

I just don't get it,"Vanilla" Guncaster has so many weapons but you're not going to use all of them because they're OP. They're wonderful but they feel like a waste.
Even with the Universal Adapter,with Colourful Hell etc. they're too powerful,so sorry if I want to use all these tools and to have a bigger challenge.

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>Play Quake 3
>Pick Sorlag because why the fuck not
>Have fun
>Decide to check Quake Champions
>It tries to go back to Quake 1 aesthetic
>Sorlag looks more like a reptile than in Quake 3
>There's a Nine Inch Nails song called "Reptile" Which is also really vulgar

Was that intentional?

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I really don't fucking understand this guy.
At least 90% of Doom mods and wads are compatible with GZDoom these days.

Now I didn't like Lilith but I didn't throw a tantrum and whined about it like it was the worst thing ever like he did.

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