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My favorite is also the first one I played, the Mega Drive beat em up. It has less levels than the SFC and it lacks 2-player co-op, but it has uncensored senshi transformation cutscenes which automatically makes it better.
I'm MAD nostalgic for this game's OST, few video game soundtracks are as comfy to me
The other one I had was the Super S fighting game for SFC, surprisingly a really good fighting game, with very nice visuals, music, and all senshi and outer senshi as playable characters plus chibi usa. Compared to the PS1 fighting game (which was shit), this one is god-tier.

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>Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

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I only played the Mega Drive Sailor Moon game (which I think it's the same as the first SFC game but missing a level).
Still, lots of nostalgia for that game. The music is peak comfy.
I could never get the true final boss though (I think you had to play through hardest difficulty without dying or something)

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>People who claim you "miss out" are overrating their childhoods.
Sailor Moon was pretty cool though. Neat artistic direction, OST, characters were fun and sexy, story was actually engaging despite most of it being "monster of the week", the last few episodes are very intense.
I recommend watching SM if you like anime, even if you don't have childhood nostalgia for it.
First season best season, but the rest of the series is worth watching too if you like the first. Still I think the first had the best ending.

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Yeah, it's not a particularly good beat 'em up, but it's still playable, especially if you have a friend to play it with. I played through it several times in co-op.
The game itself at least looks and sounds pretty good.

I can't describe the FM synth nostalgia this track provides me:

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Nobody wanted to accept it, but we all loved Sailor Moon.
I remember when SM first aired, I was watching Dragon Ball and Saint Seiya, you know, anime for boys, and when I saw the first episode of SM I thought it was silly and obviously for girls only, I remember making fun of Usagi (or Serena, as was her name on the spanish dub) for being a dumb girl while my female cousins watched it.
Then... I don't know, I got hooked. I think in part is due to being attracted to the girls, I remember when my best friend and I confessed to each other that we liked Sailor Moon, at first we were like "yeah nah I only watch SM because it's so stupid I only watch it to laugh at it...", then we ended up discussing the show and who best girl was (Ami), and then I found out he used to tape record the episodes, hehe.
Soon enough I got the beat em up vidya for Sega Genesis and we played it co-op all the time.
Same thing in school, every kid watched it, but only the girls talked about it. One day I said "fuck it" and started discussing the show with them too. Then the rest of the boys also started admitting watching it and discussing.

dat episode when tuxedo and sailor moon reveal their identities to each other
dat last episode of season 1

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I only played 2 SM games when I was a kid, the Megadrive beat 'em up one, played it a lot co-op, and the SuperS fighting game for Super Famicom.
I tried Another Story on emulator ages ago, seemed good, should give it a proper playthrough someday.

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I only played 2 SM vidya: the first Megadrive game, and SuperS on the SNES.

First one was the MD game. I live in south america, so chinese bootlegs for Genesis were the norm here. I saw the box in one store one day, and while I wasn't interested enough to ask about it, the image on the cover was familiar to me in some way. I then got into the series when they aired on TV and went to the store to buy the game.
It's a beat em up much like streets of rage, not as good but not bad either... average ban dai quality I guess. I used to play this a lot with my best friend, we both were into salor moon, every male kid was into them they were the waifus of the 90s.
Enemies were from the TV series which I was watching at the time so it was awesome.
I particularly remember the amusement park level with its fat clowns jumping at you with your belly, the little train passing by... that stage was so awesome.
Favorite boss is probably the fight against Sioscite (?), the trap. But on the second time you fight him, when he's cosplaying as a dark sailor moon. The stage prior to that boss is great too.
It's really only a mediocre beat em up, but having played it at the same time as I was watching the series kind of left a great impression on me. Nostalgia, I guess.

Then SuperS. SNES pirate carts weren't as common here, not as the Genesis ones (finding originals was almost impossible here), but sometimes some stores or rental stores had some weird, differently shaped carts that would play SNES games, they were cheaper and they were in moon. That's how circa 1996 I got SuperS for SNES. A pirate version with box, no manual.
Baiscally a generic fighter, ban dai didn't really put much into this I think, but... graphics are very nice, and that's what mattered the most in this kind of games, they are basically fanservice.
I remember you could custom your character's stats on the VS mode, that was nice. But I wasn't much into SuperS at the time. Stopped watching SM after the first season

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