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John Rhys Davies was the best actor in WC3.

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>Remake is superior

It really fucking is. I normally dislike most remakes and modern attempts at exploiting nostalgia but jesus, REmake was faithful as fuck. It's basically the same game. Same rooms, same camera angles, same items, same mechanics. It's 90% identical, it looks and controls better, and they kept the same b-tier movie vibe to the dialogue while losing the pure cringe parts. It is the best version of the game, which it ought to be since it's the same fucking game made with hindsight using better technology by people who knew to only fix what was broken. I played the PS1 version. I love the PS1 version. It still plays great and there's nothing really wrong with it. But it has been surpassed. Deal with it.

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Devil's Crush, TG-16 version

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>post good super nintendo games for a nigga with an abysmal collection

Contra III
Prince of Persia
Castlevania IV

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Probably stating the obvious but prioritize the blades when upgrading weapons

You can attack nuisance enemies like harpies from a distance with the blades then immediately transition into a grapple to insta-kill them.

You also can't be hurt during the grappling animation so this is a good way to get a moment of respite when surrounded

The hold triangle launcher attack + the L1 spinning attack in midair is a good way to rack up quick combos for extra red orbs. Also judicious use of L2 Poseidon's rage when lots of enemies are onscreen can get you a couple hundred hit combo

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Play VIII then. The character models look much more normal and in a lot of ways it's better than VII anyway

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Show some respect. The 2600, janky as it is now, was the first widely adopted console and ushered in the era of home gaming. Before that there was literally nothing and compared to nothing it was really something.

Also the 2600 Pac-Man port was widely derided at the time of release, Atari was in its "we can ship anything and plebs will buy it" phase that ultimately undermined the company but in the beginning they were breaking new ground and it was all a big deal

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MK3 is pure kino in all aspects and I won't be hearing hogwash saying otherwise.

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If you plan ahead you can get an ability that turns off random encounters in disc 1, you can get magic from card modding instead of using draw and since enemies scale with your level you don't miss the experience points. No grinding (except in the beginning) shaves a lot of time off the usual estimates

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pareidolia actually

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Best Castlevania. Best art.

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In the beginning you won't have the ability to junction magic to every stat so you'll have to decide which GFs go best with which character. The one that really matters is giving squall a GF that has STR-J because the gunblade > anything else. As for the rest, try to evenly distribute the junction abilities, giving someone redundant GF abilities is pointless.

Which spells you junction to which stats really depends on what you have, but it's pretty intuitive. Attack magic works best for strength and magic power, life and recovery magic works best for HP and Spirit, etc. You can see the results for yourself so just try experimenting and see what produces the biggest stat boost

And something obvious but very important: make sure your GFs are learning the most helpful abilities, if you don't manually set which trick to learn they learn the shittiest ones by default. You want them learning stat junction abilities and refinement abilities, their HP and summon magic power are pointless unless you're spamming summons, which is completely unnecessary. Pay particular attention to card mod since it'll get you cool stuff for refinement and Diablos' encounter-half and encounter-none abilities since those let you switch encounters on and off (use the lamp as soon as you get it and beat him with limit breaks but remember to save first in case it goes wrong). Play cards, refine cards to items, refine items into magic, and there you go

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I just did it yesterday, shit was tedious

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It really is but you have to play it properly

>realize level scaling makes grinding irrelevant
>do low level speedrun until Cid gives you the magic lamp
>acquire Diablos
>learn enc-half / none, card mod and the various refine abilities
>turn off random battles completely by the end of disk 1
>use card mod and draw points to obtain magic stockpiles
>explore the world at your leisure fighting only boss fights and not giving a shit about exp because junctions > levels

When played properly, the game ceases to be a typical JRPG grindfest and instead plays like the best possible version of the old Sierra games while the card game adds an element of collectathoning and dueling depending on how deep into the CC club and QOC quest you want to get. It completely changes the pace of the game for the better and makes it infinitely more replayable than any of the others. VIII is the comfiest FF but the trick is not to play it like it's a FF.

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BotW > OoT > WW > MM > SS > TP

inb4 you call me a zoomer for rating BotW the highest.

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das it mane

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Final Fight
The Punisher

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Practice the basics. Get hit boxes down and crossups. Focus on one character and know what their strengths and weaknesses are. Practice against people better than you. Practice, practice, practice.

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