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yeah... no. You know damn well I won't be looking, it would take forever to find it (if it's even there), and the time you wrote me you could have just as well answered in one sentence.

>tripfags never have an answer to this... wonder why

Case and point. There is nobody here that benefits from you having a name other than your own ego... And even if there was a time where you had some special thread-project and needed the name, when the project was over there was no need to keep it up and secure it like a holy grail...

>Well...I mean,
>On the other hand you have been here for so long and people have to know...
>Need to know that you exist. You're not just some wannabe gamer, you're an icon to this community god damnit!
>After all this time there should be some kind of way to immortalize your presence here.
>Between the /vr/ memes like retron 5, fpga's, the filter wars or crt fights, people should see the name as a staple to the board.
>If they read it, it should evoke "Hey that's the dude from /vr/!"
>Have one's name echo through the halls of /vr/ even if you're gone,
>Some accomplishment to make you feel like life isn't meaningless and people actually recognize you.
>A 'digital statue' if you may want to call it that way.
>You know they will never really know who you are in person, but even a pseudonym is enough to fill this need to be seen,
>To be recognized...
>Even if it is hate for the most part.

You get used to it, it's worth it.
If at least they know that you are, even if it's only a hull, it all was worth something. All those years here not wasted.

>All those years

If it gives your life meaning then who am I to take it away from you

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