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sml108 View Profile More options Dec 11 1989, 5:05 am

On the subject of choosing a video game.....my five cents....

Personally, I think the Nintendo is a piece of right wing garbage akin to the IBM PC. Slow, out of date, but heavily marketed so that mindless dweenies will think it's the hottest thing since Zelda had her first period. I have yet TO SEE A SINGLE GAME ON THE THING SUBSTANTIALLY BETTER THAN STUFF I PLAYED ON MY OLD ATARI 800 SEVEN YEARS AGO.....Yes, there are some nice games, but they do not do anything extraordinary and in fact clearly show the glaring limitations of the thing's inferior pre-VLSI hardware.

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What was his reasoning behind this post? How can he not recognize the superiority of games like Punch-Out!! and Akumajou Densetsu, not only from a hardware standpoint, but from a design standpoint?

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Let's have a thread about the context, rather than content, of retro gaming. The psychology of collectors, the power of nostalgia, the personal connections with certain titles/consoles/eras, the source of the attraction, the philosophy of looking to the past for satisfaction, the changes in technology and culture, etc.

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read through some usenet archives sometime

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>Just realized Nintendo has been dying since the SNES.

They've been "doomed" since longer than that.

As for the 5th gen systems, I find myself using the Saturn and the N64 more than the PS1 these days.

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Everyone thinks video games were better during their younger years.

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war never changes

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What, the Nintendo is doomed meme? It's been a thing since the 80s when the NES came out.

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This one?
It doesn't really say Zelda is kiddy (although I'm not sure what does "dweenies" mean). It just says that Zelda and the NES are bad because Nintendo markets their games and because he claims the NES isn't better than his old Atari computer.
It's more of a Mustard Race vs Console thing back in the 80s rather than a "nintendo is kiddy" thing.

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we're entering non-/vr/ territories anyway.

The whole "nintendo went to shit/is doomed" was there since day one, nerds were proclaiming the NES was the end of Nintendo since the days in usenet.

In this thread OP asked what was so great about the N64, and people replied. Some things are more objective (technology at the time, etc) and others more subjective (whether or not you like the games themselves).

There's not much else to discuss, we could engage in tech discussion, and how cartridge format affected the system and all that, but the thing is that despite the things the N64 could have against it, it was still a popular system that gave hours upon hours of fun to many people, from single player games to (and especially) multi player ones.
Personally I enjoy the NES and SNES more, but I also love the N64 and has a lot of my favorite games of all time (which are stuff like Mystical Ninja and Wave Race, and not goldeneye or perfect dark, so even within people who like the N64, there's still going to be different tastes and opinions)

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Anymore retro examples of console wars or general gamer stupidity?

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Is that Usenet archive still accessible?

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This is rec.games.video, the oldest video game forum online. It was active from 1985 to 2001, so pretty much everything there is /vr/ related.

Go there, search for your favorite /vr/ game, post results.

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Not modern forums discussing old games, but old forums from back in the day. There's Google Groups that has the archive of usenet groups. Very interesting.

Here's an example.

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