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you used to live in a colorful world
but for some reason, you woke up and everything became black and white...not even grey
nobody else but you seemed to notice, but for you, everything changed. you couldn't look at the world in the same way again.
life hasn't changed much since then, but you miss the old colorful world

so you set out in order to find what was lost from long, long ago

gameplay is split into two sections, platforming and exploring through black and white mazes, which occasionally dump you off into voids of pure color where you shoot off waves after waves of colored blobs before the door at the end opens up to dump you back into the blocky black and white world

in the end, you circle around the world to come back home to find a strange man in your room who claims to be stealing all of the colors
your family seems perfectly cool with him, but obv this shit won't stand, so you fight him and kill him

when you kill him, he breaks apart into a million pieces, revealing himself to be a mirror

the colors represented your childhood innocence. you were growing up and growing older, and stopped being enthralled with colorful childlike things and joined the bleak and depressing world of an adult.

you drop your gun and step out of the house one final time, walking into the distance

10/10 - ign
8/10 - kotaku
11/10 - gamespot
9/11 - the escapist
4/20 - eurogamer

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