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>little treasures
Your autism is showing

>exposed to the elements
The weather channel did call for rain indoors today. Oh, whatever will I do....

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>10 ammo
>11 ammo

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>cluttered, over complicated UI
>Game Boy graphics with NES music
>faux retro homage to Nintendo games exclusively available on Playstation

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>born 1991
>no consoles or handhelds until about 1997, just a computer
>played educational software in my very early years
>dad played a game called Empire Deluxe, a turn based strategy that came on a single floppy
>I thought it looked boring as hell
>one day dad decides to get himself a new strategy game
>Command & Conquer: Red Alert
>it's waaay too goofy for his taste so he lets me and my bro play it
>fucking blown away by how amazing it is
>have no idea how to play it but fuck if I care this shit is rad
>mom caught on that we were playing it but she's not an idiot and knows video games don't really make people violent and lets us keep playing
>dad buys us Warcraft
>fuck yeah dad
>later at parent-teacher conference night my art teacher brings up concerns about me to my parents
>shows them the pictures I've been drawing of people being fried by tesla coils and devoured by demons
>they just laugh it off

I love my parents.

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